The Black Widow

Most spiders are usually harmless, but their bites can also be very painful.
Even the bite of the black widow is not lethal unless a child or a very ill person was bitten.
Nevertheless, a spider bite can cause serious damage so in case a person was bitten it is of great importance to find a doctor as soon as possible.
When it comes to the bite of the black widow a person will experience a shooting pain but the bite spot is not that easy to see, so there should be some extra precautions when it comes to children who do not have the possibility to realize they were bitten.
The black widow injects neurotoxin when biting and this substance causes shooting pain, convulsions, fever and breathing difficulties.

The symptoms will start fifteen or twenty minutes after a person was bitten and they usually last for a couple of hours or they can reappear several days in a row. A specific serum is necessary for the treatment of this type of bite.


Forest cuttings and stumps of trees are the places where the poisonous female black widows hide.
The Black Widow is a long-legged and gloss black spider with a distinctive bottom edge which is orange,
red or yellow like the hourglass.
The diameter of the largest Black Widow is 5 inches.



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