How to react if spider bites you, first day and after!

Untitled-12The early pain starts from the lymph node and then the pain spreads onto the waist area, the spine, abdomen, lower legs and thies.
This patient experiences contractions in the thorax area, cold sweat, shivers and sometimes obstructions of body muscles.
He or she can not stand or sit and due to enormous pains this person is prone to roll and twitch all over the bed. Basically, the patient experiences very painful symptoms as if he or she is dying.

These intense symptoms last for the first twenty four hours. After the first day the pain descends into the feet, followed by a burning sensation.

This second day brings other symptoms such as flamed- up cheeks and swallen eyelids.
The person is exhausted from going through massive pains and insomnia but does not look that alarmingly sick anymore although still experiencing pains in legs and feet.

The burning sensation in the patients feet is also present.
The third day brings alleviation from intense symptoms but the patient still feels both painful and burning feet, experiences numbness and headache followed by extreme fatigue.

After a few days, the patient may have skin rash. When the illness is not treated medically it can approximately last for seven days. Some can carry this illness for a shorter amount of time and some notably longer, all within three weeks.
Death can rarely occur in spider bite illness, but some patients, especially those who have a high blood pressure and heart disease, may experience complications which can ultimately lead to death.