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The symptoms of brown recluse spider bite

The symptoms of this spider bite are fever, nausea and rash. Sometimes, the brown recluse spider bites may not result in any symptoms. The most common consequences are scars, which were formed as a result of the bite, because the venom destroys the soft tissue of the skin. The desert brown spider bite is usually painless but soon the skin turns red, these bites can be deadly.


The Black Widow bite symptoms

The symptoms of a black widow bite cannot usually be detected at first, since it takes about forty minutes for you to feel the first symptoms. As mentioned before, some people feel a sharp, shooting pain when a spider bites them, but some do not feel anything at all.
Nevertheless, with or without pain, this spider will inject the venom into your blood stream. This is why the entire body feels the consequences of a black widow bite, and that is why you feel nauseous and weak.
The first symptom is pain around the bitten area.
The severity of these symptoms varies from person to person, as a person may feel heavy or mild consequences of a black widow bite. This depends solely on the victim’s immune system, and how the bitten person’s body will react to such a bite, some may feel severe pain and they will be in need of prompt medical surveillance.
As for what the eyes can see, there should be two red dots in the bitten area, which are usually followed by a rash. This symptom may be excluded as well.
Because of its tiny size the bite spot may be invisible for the eyes to see. This symptom is a minor one and it should not be a serious danger to the skin, unless an allergic reaction is involved.

The most important thing to be concerned about is the venom itself, and how it may, or may not, affect your entire body. The pains usually move towards your back and the abdominal area, since the venom causes muscle spasms. Nonetheless, these are not the only symptoms since the venom may cause restlessness, nausea, increased blood pressure and fever.
Black widow bite symptoms are not usually long lasting and they should be gone in a matter of a few days. Healthy adults have nothing to worry about since these symptoms last for a day or a few days max. Still, it is highly recommended for anybody who was bitten by a black widow to seek for medical help, because there may be some unexpected reactions that may affect the bitten person more severely.



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Spiders and symptoms of a spider bite

The most dangerous spiders are those who can transfer enough venom to harm the bitten person with one single bite. Non poisonous spider bites are followed with symptoms which last for five to sixty minutes. Poisonous spider bites, on the other hand, are often painful for longer than twenty four hours.
The poisonous spider bite and the effect of its poison is the primary thing to be concerned about. When a spider injects venom into the skin it causes spider envenomation.
A spider bite can not be detected sometimes since a spider does not commonly bite twice. All spiders are poisonous but most of them can not inject poison into human skin and they do not have the sufficient amount of venom to harm a person.


- Sharp and momentary pain similar to the sting of an insect
- Redness
- Itch (in some cases)
- Swelling up.

Spider bites are mostly just uncomfortable and their symptoms do not last very long.
The most important thing to be aware of is the question if you were bitten by a poisonous spider, or a non-poisonous spider who may be the carrier of some disease.

Some United States spiders have specific bite symptoms which can be easily recognized. These include the black widow, the brown recluse spider etc. These spider bite symptoms usually last for only a couple of hours or a few days. More serious reactions which occur due to hypersensitivity to spider bites are mostly very rare.
Extremely sensitive people, those who are allergic to bites of certain spiders, could have serious health complications.
The reaction can be dangerous enough to lead to anafilactic shock or even death. These allergic reactions can appear even when a non-poisonous spider is involved. They can lead to swellings, fever, dizziness.

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