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India – Two people dead after bitten by large spiders

The residents of northeastern town Sadiya – Upper Assam in India were attacked by large hairy spiders while they were enjoying a Hindu festival on May 8th. Two people have died from the consequences of these bites. The spiders came from nowhere and started attacking people and the festive atmosphere soon turned into panic.

A resident named Jintu spent a day at the Sadiya Civil Hospital after he became nauseous and felt excruciating pain in his finger. The consequences of the bite were visible two weeks after but he was thankful for surviving this horror. Another resident, Purnakanata Buragohain and an unnamed young boy did not survive this attack. Purnakata died after having an allergic reaction to the bite and the young boy also had an allergic reaction that resulted fatally.

People were constantly arriving to the Sadiya Civil Hospital with the same symptoms: excruciating pains caused by a spider bite; and some even carried the spiders to the hospital with them. 

There was an alert in Tinsukia district, asking people to stay inside their homes during the night, which is the proper time for the spiders to wander about. The two bodies were cremated without being submitted to autopsy, which made it more difficult to find a solution to the threat. No one knew which spider it was and why it attacked all of a sudden. 

On May 22nd a team of scientists led by Dr L. R. Saikia from Dibrugarh and Gauhati University came to Sadiya. The team camped in the invaded area for two days and gathered information and specimens. They stated that they cannot specify the specie but that the spider resembles the tarantula. They concluded that the spider is a highly aggressive one. The toxicity of their venom is yet to be tested.  Dr Anil Phatowali, from the Sadiya Civil Hospital, claims that they cannot claim that the fatal outcomes of the spider bites in the two cases were caused by the spider’s venom, since that may have happened because of a severe allergic reaction. The patients also first visited witch doctors who cut their wounds with razors and burnt it after having drained the blood out, and this may have also been the cause of such results. Dr Phatowali also adds that the hospital is not equipped well enough to handle such crisis. 

The one thing we can be sure of is that the spider is new in the area. This area does not have any venomous spiders nor it had any before. The panic that started to spread can be taken as proof to this claim since people are frightened because they have not seen anything like this before. They have encountered only common spiders but this spider is a highly aggressive one that attacks at any kind of action to scare it off. Those who tried to scare it off were attacked and as they claim, the spider leapt at them and buried its fangs. 
Nevertheless, this spider is causing fear to the residents of Assam and they are trying to kill as many of them as possible. 

These spiders were noticed approximately a month ago in Sadiya, Tinsukia district. After the death of two people, the panic started to spread enormously fast. Some claim that the panic is not justified since there are no venomous spiders in Assam that represent a threat to human beings. 

Soumyadeep Dutta the head of a non-profit organization – Nature’s Beckon stated that there must have been a great disturbance in the spiders’ natural habitat that made them come out in swarms.

Dangerous spiders in florida

Generally, spiders are greatly feared animals and most people see them as terrifying and highly dangerous although these little animals rarely represent a major threat to humans. Even so, there are some spiders that can cause serious damage to humans if they feel threatened. All spiders are venomous, but some are considered to be more dangerous than others because of their aggressive venom or the quantity of venom they tend to inject into their victim. Such venomous spiders can inflict harmful bites and leave serious consequences to the bitten person. Presently, there are two dangerous spider species in Florida.

2800388371_a8cda0fc91These are the widow spiders and the brown recluse spiders. Each species prefers dark, secluded areas such as attics, sheds and old closets as their habitats and they tend to hide under rocks and wooden boards. The symptoms of widow spider bites are similar. They all include muscle rigidity of the abdomen and legs, nausea, swelling and burning sensation in the area of the bite. The widow spiders are nocturnal and tend to hide in dark places, and they are frequently secluded in their web during the day. Only female widow spiders are dangerous and they vary in size as they can grow from 8 to 15 mm.

Three types of recluse spiders have been found in Florida:




Recluse spiders bite if they feel threatened and since they prefer hiding in dark places it is not unusual to find them tangled in clothes, making it easy for them to feel disturbed and threatened. A recluse spider bite varies in intensity, since the bitten person may not even feel it or it may leave serious damage such as severe necrosis.
Serious symptoms usually include severe pain and the appearance of blisters which can leave deep scars on the skin. Any encounter with these spiders should be taken calmly and, in case of a bite, it is of great importance to seek prompt medical attention. In any case, it is very useful to know which spider bit you, so you can react as soon as possible if it was a venomous spider.

Dangerous species of spiders in Florida are:

> The Brown Widow

> The Southern Black Widow

The Northern Black Widow

> The Red Widow