Brown Recluse Spider


Attics and sheds – in the Midwestern states of the United States – are places where you’ll find a desert brown spider.
These spiders are ranked in color from yellow brown to dark brown with dark legs.
Their poison is highly toxic and can cause serious wounds and infections, but the sting is sometimes painless.
The brown recluse spider is a desert spider, and it is poisonous.
It’s venom breaks down red blood cells and causes serious skin damage.

The patient should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible, and if possible, the spider should be brought for identification.

The brown recluse spider:

This spider can be seen in the United States. Its normal size is 8 to 12 milimetres. The best way to recognize this spider is by its eyes because it has six eyes as opposed to the normal eight eyes in other spiders. Its legs are without spines, and it’s cephalothorax has an interesting violin shaped marking. The brown recluse spider can be found in garages, woodpiles, sheds, attics where it feels comfortable and protected. It is rarely aggressive and the most common occasions when it bites are the situations when it comes to a close contact with the skin and when it is tangled in clothes, often those clothes which had not been worn for a while. However, this spider has small fangs so it is not usually able to bite a person through clothes.



The brown recluse spider bite

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