Brazilian Wandering Spider

The brazilian wandering spider, also known as the ”banana spider” is enlisted in the Guiness world records book as the most venomous spider responsible for the majority of spider bite deaths in humans. Only 0,006mg of its neurotoxic poison is enough to kill a mouse.

This spideris a wanderer and therefore, it can be found in many places, such as clothes, cars and houses. The reason for this is that they look for dark places during daylight and when they are somehow disturbed, they attack. Its name “banana spider” originated from its nature to hide in banana bunches.
This is the way it actually got spread around the world, within the banana crates sent to grocery stores around the globe.
Even though these spiders are called one of the deadliest, in some occasions it may not be so. Many scientists believe that these spiders do not inject venom every time they bite.
However they are a threat to be aware of because it is a fact that they are deadly and there are many cases in which these spiders caused death in humans.



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